Aram Nagar Through my Lens

I often wonder how a place drenched in historical upheaval could be called Aram (a place of rest).
From barracks to relief camps to now an arts space – everything about Aram Nagar is always at the cusp of transformation.
Much like all of Bombay, but without the noise.

This photo walk reminded me of the first time I came here ten years ago.
Google maps wasn’t accurate (it still isn’t), the house numbers always in a disarray and the surprising multitude of almond trees made the whole chaos feel intended.
Like someone was watching over. In a weird non directional but still present kinda way.

Now that I’ve been here, spent weekends watching performances, meeting people and taking afternoon walks – it has slowly found a way to shift my pace.
Beyond the glorified hussle of the city, there is a place meant to make things. To create experiences beyond the elite white walls of theatre.
Making these images felt like writing a love letter to the place.

I hope the contours reveal the many different worlds within Aram Nagar.
Its slight meandering and wandering in different directions – into another time.

As I was too, nudged through a myriad of memories 🙂

This series was shot using Fujifilm C-200 with a Yashika Fx-3 Super 2000 | 50mm lens.

Sheba Alexander
Sheba Alexander
-- Sheba Alexander is a writer and filmmaker based in Bombay. Her recent explorations have led her to make more images on celluloid. Wandering through private and public spaces alike, her explorations have found temporary solace on the streets - finding intimate ways to speak to the impersonal. Her approach is observational, non curated and acutely dependent on the discipline analog comes with.

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