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Introducing... Theatre Ink!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the sixth season of Aadyam! We are thrilled to come back to the theatre, and to you, after two years of Zoom-ing through performance. We’ve been awaiting our re-entry into the offline world, and for our sixth year, we’re bringing to you an exciting season of new plays!

Today, however, we invite you to Spotlight, our very own theatre community. This community is supplemented by our digital publication Theatre Ink, where we aim to bring audiences closer to artists. Theatre Ink is our home for short-form writing and video content, workshops, backstage tours, access to your favourite thespians, and so much theatre!

Aadyam Theatre is being produced and promoted by Hyperlink Brand Solutions for the Aditya Birla group. In this new avatar, we at Aadyam have joined hands with Bhasha Centre to curate Theatre Ink, workshops, and more art-based experiences.

“Our collaboration with Aadyam has emerged from a common aim. With Spotlight and Theatre Ink, we hope to curate writing from fresh perspectives and fun workshops that kindle your curiosity, and exponentially increase the ways in which you can engage with theatre and the arts.”
– Mallika Shah | Bhasha Centre | Editor – Theatre Ink

“At Aadyam, we are constantly looking for creative ways to bring theatre to new audiences. Our collaboration with Bhasha Centre allows us to curate entertaining experiences for you, so that you find and return to the theatre again and again.”
– Rachna Panikker | Vice President, Cultural Marketing at Hyperlink Brand Solutions

We hope you come along on this journey with us, as we watch plays and meet new characters.

See you at a show — or at a workshop or masterclass — or in the comments section! We  are so excited to meet you.




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