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March has fallen upon us, which means the entire subcontinent is now participating in the theatricality that is the Indian Summer—anticipating monsoon, dramatising the warming climate, exasperations of “it’s so hot,” and sweat pouring from every pore. But you know what can bring relief? The coolness of a theatre, stories that take us away from reality, the excited buzz of an audience just before the lights go down… it’s showtime.

Aadyam Season 6 opened in Mumbai last month with a double whammy: Hayavadana directed by Neelam Man Singh Chowdhry and Baaghi Albele directed by Atul Kumar premiered within 2 weeks of each other! 

Hayavadana will now travel to Delhi on April 1st and 2nd to perform at Kamani Auditorium. If you caught the show, could we challenge you to a quiz? Winners get bragging rights. And for tickets, go here.

Aadyam S06_Hayavadana_Image 8

Since Hayavadana is all about re-thinking mythology, we got together with the cool folks at Zinedabaad Collective to organise Cut-Copy-Paste — a one-of-a-kind zine-making workshop where participants created their own zines examining what mythology is.

The results were creative and colourful and crafty! Want to know more about our events? Sign up for our newsletter here

More pics and videos from Cut-Copy-Paste here.

Baaghi Albele, a hysterical comedy observing our grim realities, opened at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai. Haven’t watched the play? Don’t worry! It returns to Rang Mandir on March 18th and 19th so block your calendars, and be prepared for an evening of laughs!


And if you haven’t been to the Royal Opera House, we’ve got you covered. Srishti Ray and Arun Gupta visited and spoke at length to the staff at the Royal Opera House to understand more about their lives in the theatre. 

This is part of our longer series, ‘Holding Spaces’ where we turn the spotlight on to those who run and care for our beloved physical spaces. Watch this space for our deep dive into Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, coming up in a few days. 

Also coming up is our very first masterclass — Seriously Funny: A Masterclass on the Point of Comedy. Varun Grover will be in conversation with Akarsh Khurana to discuss the role and responsibility of comedy in a story. This is a must-not-miss conversation for makers— and audiences—of all kinds of content. Book your tickets here.

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